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A Highly Effective Use of Facebook for Increasing Awareness

In just four short months from April to August 2020, has raised the number of people on their Facebook page community from around the 400 marks to nearly 12,000 participants, as of writing, even if people speculate they use the increase their facebook likes . This is a remarkable achievement for a small Galway based charity whose stated aim is to educate and inform young people in the 16 – 24 age on the issues that concern them and encourage engaged citizenship through social activism.

Ruairí Mckiernan, with the help of some friends, started from his bedroom in 2004 using a dial-up modem which would sometimes take half an hour just to send an email., (the term ‘spun out’ comes from the notion that youth culture is fed up with spin; political spin, religious spin, spin …


Week 28

Week 28 is the “age of viability” when a baby is likely to survive in the event of premature labor. They even save babies born at 21 weeks nowadays I hear. It would certainly mean neonatal intensive care for awhile. I admit to looking forward to this date – it’s comforting to know she could be ok without me.


I’ve reached that stage where it’s hard to eat or breathe a lot. The top of my uterus, or “fundal height” is well above my belly button now and feels as if it’s taking over my entire abdominal cavity. Every doctor visit he checks this height by mashing on my belly. The city I live in is at an altitude of 6,700 feet so there isn’t much air up here to begin with. Hence, every morning on our walk through the …


Samsung 7 Series

 With the competition between the netbooks and tablets shaping up nicely, there are many companies that are trying to bridge the gap between them. This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES ) has seen a lot of mobile phone and laptop producers release their share of the tablets. The rumors of Gloria are finally true and it comes in the form Samsung’s Sliding PC 7 series. In the CES 2011 being held at Las Vegas, Samsung has officially announced Windows 7 running tablet that also comes with a sliding QWERTY keyboard. The display of this tablet/laptop is a multi touch display with a resolution of 1366 x 768.


Samsung Sliding PC


Why is that there has to be an Android OS running behind a tablet? For a change, Samsung has decided that its new laptop will sport Windows 7. Even …


Guaranteed to pass the class or your money back!

All class times start at 7am unless otherwise specified. You will usually be dismissed between 5pm to 6pm but the classes can run longer depending on the group size and the amount of questions being asked. We will do our best to balance helping you understand the concepts and getting you home before bedtime!


We usually begin the class with part of the classroom instructional portion. We will break midday to go to the gun range and to eat lunch. We will then return to finish the classroom instruction. This makes the day break up nicely. The schedule could change depending on a variety of factors, such as weather, class size etc.


All classes that are taught at our locations are held in the central to greater north Austin area (Round Rock, Hutto, Pflugerville, Leander, etc). The exact address for …


Facebook Dating: Tips To Get A Successful Date From Facebook

 There are many couples nowadays who started out in Facebook dating. Many social networking sites have turned into dating and matchmaking websites too – just like Facebook. Many people have found the perfect match in Facebook and meeting many different people as potential partners. I am not embarrassed to say that I have found my partner through Facebook and our relationship is going stronger than ever. Want to know our secret? Here are my tips for you when dating through Facebook.

 Before you ditch this idea and think it’s a creepy way to get to know people, let me tell you that these tips had indeed worked for me. It may not work for everyone but there really is no harm in giving it a try. I mean, what have you got to lose, right? Aside from looking like a …


Android Honeycomb – The Tablet’s OS

 The Android OS has taken the smartphones to a whole new level. Being an open source OS, it has really managed to make it amongst many phones these days. The OS was developed specifically for the smart phones and was a big hit because of the support for a wide variety of devices with varied hardware characteristics. The OS was first released as Android 1.5 and was not much popular then. Then came the Donut version which was the codename for Android 1.6. It was a minor update in terms of performance, but nothing new was seen. Then the Android 2.1 version was released as Eclair which saw major updates in terms of graphics and performance. By the time Android 2.1 came, a lot of companies started using it as a base for their smart phone and thus it got …


Weight Watchers To Watch Over Your Body Weight

Your Guide to Weight Loss, Diet Tips and Staying in Shape!

 “Weight watchers” is one of the most popular methods of weight management that have emerged in recent time. This is a weight loss program which believes dieting is not the only solution for weight loss; an overall healthy lifestyle is the key. If you have proper mental, physical and emotional health only then you can achieve success in controlling your weight. Thus their system is pretty simple, which states eat whatever you heart desires, however keep it in limits. The main purpose of weight watcher program is to educate people over healthy eating and healthy lifestyle and also encourage them to indulge in a lot of physical activity at the same time. So that people not only loose weight safely and properly but also enjoy doing so at the …


Week 34

Not all pregnancy symptoms are bad. It’s pretty common to have vivid dreams during pregnancy and some are erotic. I’m talking about sex dreams with details and um… events that would make a porn star blush. While these are amusing (and rather disturbing sometimes) to analyze when you wake up, that’s not the really cool part. The bonus is when I climax in the dream I am awakened in the big middle of a REAL orgasm. Yup, you get free ones! I wake up during a great big house rockin’ wet dream – minus the mess that teenage boys experience I guess. This never happened to me until I got pregnant. I wonder if it’s just hormones and it goes away after the baby is born. Bummer.


Speaking of dreams, I haven’t been having those “I’m not prepared for a …


Concealed Handgun Licenses

 PLEASE NOTE: I think it is better to carry and have it if you need it that to not have a gun when you need it. Therefore, even if the only option available to you means a smaller gun, better a smaller gun than no gun. As I tell every student:

 “A 380 in the pocket is better than a 45 at the house”!


One of the most common issues we run into is people that are new to carrying and do not know how to carry. Knowing how to carry a gun means the difference between whether or not you actually carry it, which could mean the difference between whether or not you make it home alive today. Learn how to carry a gun.

 First rule: A gun is expensive and a tool to save your life. Do not …


The CHL Course

Concealed Handgun Licenses

Guaranteed to pass the class or your money back!

Classes are held in a 50 minutes teaching, 10 minute break per hour format. This means you will be offered a break every hour. But with teaching this exciting, who would want a break!?

Class Prices can be found HERE

It is a 10 hour long course, mandated by the state of Texas. Don’t let the length of the course put you off- the most common thing we hear (in a positive manner) is “That didn’t feel like 10 hours”. We have done our best to design this course to be entertaining and as exciting as possible so that it does not drag out. Are you willing to sacrifice one day of your time for the ability to carry a gun to protect yourself and your family?


The …

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