Concealed Handgun Licenses

 PLEASE NOTE: I think it is better to carry and have it if you need it that to not have a gun when you need it. Therefore, even if the only option available to you means a smaller gun, better a smaller gun than no gun. As I tell every student:

 “A 380 in the pocket is better than a 45 at the house”!


One of the most common issues we run into is people that are new to carrying and do not know how to carry. Knowing how to carry a gun means the difference between whether or not you actually carry it, which could mean the difference between whether or not you make it home alive today. Learn how to carry a gun.

 First rule: A gun is expensive and a tool to save your life. Do not cheap out on the hoslter. There are many poor quality holsters that can be had for $25, but are you willing to risk your life on it? A GOOD QUALITY HOLSTER will run you $60 to $150 on average, and will often last years.

 Second rule: The holster needs to be COMFORTABLE. A comfortable holster will find its way onto your body more often than a non-comfortable holster.

 Third rule: Preferably, the gun should be aiming at the ground when you walk. Albeit some shoulder holsters do not do this, beware of pointing a gun at yourself while it is holstered. There are some holsters shown below that do this, and the final decision is up to you. BUT- if, in a situation where adrenaline is up, you need to be careful of pulling the trigger before the gun is pointed away from your body. People do accidentally shoot themselves, so the more you minimize this potential, the better your odds.

 Fourth Rule: If you’re a woman, you can’t carry a gun on your body, right? WRONG. This is a very misunderstood thing. Many women simply cannot figure out how they can conceal a gun on their figures. Look through the videos below; we have tried to improve the number of photos and videos of women carrying guns to defeat this mindset.

 Now, on to the holsters.

 CrossBreed Holsters: We highly recommend their holsters. These holsters are primarily designed to be carried IWB (Inside the Waist Band). They are very comfortable; our holster of choice. (I often wear this holster 10 to 12 hours a day.) If you order one of these, be sure to order horsehide. Here in Texas it gets hot, and horsehide will fight the heat better than regular leather.

 WOMEN: Watch the CrossBreed video below. These holsters will work with your figure to still conceal a gun. Many women seem to believe they cannot conceal as easily as a man because of how their bodies are shaped; this is simply not true.

 Kangaroo Holsters

The Kangaroo holster is designed to be worn underneath almost any shirt. It seems to conceal smaller pistols better, however, so long as the handle of the pistol is short, it will hide well. A full sized handle will protrude in some shirts. The holster can usually be adjusted a little higher or a litter lower according to your liking. There is also a spare magazine holder on the opposite site of the gun (see girl in black shirt below- her right side has a spare magazine). The Kangaroo can often be had for around $30 and it a good tool to have in your arsenal of holsters.

 SpecGear Truss Holster

 This one is similar to the Kangaroo holster in how it wears. The Truss holster was designed as more of an undercover police/off-duty officer type of holster. It is easiest accessed underneath a pearl snap shirt.


FlashBang Holster


I have run across this one and had to address this. This one actually raises a few concerns for me. This holster is designed for women, and it designed to be attached to the front part of the bra in between the breasts. The largest concern here is having the barrel pointed at your own body- no women wants to shoot off her breast! There is a trigger guard around the gun, however, it is not good practice to ever have a gun barrel pointed at yourself. Another concern is how closely aimed to the body the barrel is. One must practice repeatedly drawing a gun and ensure they do not “flag” themselves with the barrel as they are drawing the firearm. Many professionals have accidentally shot themselves when drawing as their finger goes to the trigger naturally. Do not let this happen to you. The more the barrel is aimed at your own body when drawing, the better the chance you have of accidentally shooting yourself. Don’t underestimate adrenaline and the stress of a life or death circumstance.




Yes, this is a real holster. Men, decide very carefully exactly what you want the barrel of your gun pointed at. If an accidental discharge ever does occur, do you want the gun pointed down yonder? In my opinion, I think this holster would serve women better if one were to choose this method of carry. However, quick access is vital when it comes to carrying. This might be good for under a skirt or dress perhaps.

 Pocket Holsters

 Desantis Superfly

 In the world of pocket holsters, these are good and worth the money. These are very sticky so they will allow you to draw your pistol from your pocket without the holster being stuck on the gun.