CyberPower Infinity Achilles Review

The world of PC gaming is still going strong despite the constant competition afforded by the home console and now the mobile market. In terms of graphical fidelity, title variety and game affordability, the PC is still the ruler of the roost. If you are looking for a prefab gaming machine that offers excellent performance then there are plenty of options on the market, with the new Infinity Achilles from CyberPower being a hot contender for your attention.

The good news is that the Intel Core i5 3570K Ivy Bridge processor found onboard has been overclocked in-house by CyberPower, which means there is no real need to do any tinkering if you want to avoid burning out your expensive kit and you can play all day long clash royale. Pushed up to 4.5GHz, this quad-core CPU is paired with 8GB of RAM and given that it is packing Intel`s most efficient architecture to date it is sure to operate smoothly and effectively in the long term.

The GPU is an AMD Radeon HD 7870 card which has more than enough poke to help you enjoy full HD 1080p resolutions in most modern titles without causing frame rates to dip below acceptable levels. There is a whole terabyte of hard drive space to play with and while hardcore gamers might have wanted to see some kind of solid state drive onboard, the Infinity Achilles really wants to keep the price as affordable as possible, so this is a sensible place to make a minor compromise.

There are a few other areas in which it is clear that costs have been cut.

The 500 watt power supply from CoolerMaster is passable, for example, but does not really give you the leeway to opt for a multi-card GPU solution further down the line. In addition the Asus Z77 motherboard is free from support for SLI, which is fine since there is no Nvidia tech onboard. However, this building block is not quite up there in the enthusiast end of the market when it comes to performance, but you could argue that enthusiasts will be building their own rigs and so will not consider the Infinity Achilles in the first place.

This gaming PC strikes a good balance between performance and price, which is particularly important in the PC gaming market where you can end up spending three or four times as much on a new machine without really seeing noticeable benefits during game play. While you could buy a stock desktop computer from a site like 3wisemonkeys.co.uk you might prefer to take the more specialised route and pick a CyberPower PC. It offers just enough leeway when it comes to upgrading to be a decent, future proof choice and in terms of everyday performance it is tough to find any major criticisms.