Facebook Dating: Tips To Get A Successful Date From Facebook

 There are many couples nowadays who started out in Facebook dating. Many social networking sites have turned into dating and matchmaking websites too – just like Facebook. Many people have found the perfect match in Facebook and meeting many different people as potential partners. I am not embarrassed to say that I have found my partner through Facebook and our relationship is going stronger than ever. Want to know our secret? Here are my tips for you when dating through Facebook.

 Before you ditch this idea and think it’s a creepy way to get to know people, let me tell you that these tips had indeed worked for me. It may not work for everyone but there really is no harm in giving it a try. I mean, what have you got to lose, right? Aside from looking like a stalker, there really isn’t anything that you can lose, right? So before you decide that these tips are misguided and ineffective, try it out first.

 Facebook Dating Tip #1: Get To Know Each Other Fast



The key to any successful online dating is to get to know each other as soon as you can. The longer you wait to see your potential partner, the more the disappointment can become. Upon chatting up for a while, ask him to meet with you as soon as you both have the time. I have tried waiting before for a few months, and yes, it was totally disappointing when we met. I find it that the longer you chat online the more lies people tell and the more deceitful the relationship can become. If you want everything to work, meet up as soon as you possibly can.


Facebook Dating Tip #2: Attending Your Friend’s Events



No, this is not the events that you were invited to. What I mean is crashing an event your friend is invited to. There is a tab in Facebook that allows you to view your friend’s events. Click on it and see the guest list. Check out people who will attend the event. See a hot girl you think you like? Is there a hunk going to attend the party? If there is, then go crash that party! Not only do you know that there is someone who you can potentially date there but you also have your wingman with you in that party (your invited friend that is). Now all you have to do is to come up with the best pick up line or how you can get your friend to introduce him/her to you. Are you too shy to attend? Don’t be! You never know if he/she might be the partner that you need if you don’t go there. Swallow up all your shyness and head out to the party. Anyway, there is only one friend of yours there who will attend so if you embarrass yourself in the party, don’t worry. People there don’t know you anyway so it doesn’t matter.


Facebook Dating Tip #3: Semi-Random Message



Sending in a semi-random message can help you get his attention/her attention. Or you can send a mutual friend some message to help you introduce. Saw someone cute in a friend’s photo? Don’t be shy to tell your friend about it. You can send a direct yet unassuming message to your friend to get an insight about the person’s personality and character. Or, you can actually opt to send him/her the message straight. This can be quite risky as the person might think you are some kind of a stalker but there is always no harm in trying. Send a message that is direct and straightforward but not too stalker-ish. Having a mutual friend even if you are not close to your mutual friend can help ease his/her fears of you being a stalker.


While Facebook has become the newest platform to meet new people and see prospective partners, it can only do so much. It can help you find people but staying with those people will rely on your interpersonal skills and your personality. It is okay to use Facebook dating to meet people but as soon as possible, meet with that person to really know if that person is indeed a potential partner.