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All class times start at 7am unless otherwise specified. You will usually be dismissed between 5pm to 6pm but the classes can run longer depending on the group size and the amount of questions being asked. We will do our best to balance helping you understand the concepts and getting you home before bedtime!


We usually begin the class with part of the classroom instructional portion. We will break midday to go to the gun range and to eat lunch. We will then return to finish the classroom instruction. This makes the day break up nicely. The schedule could change depending on a variety of factors, such as weather, class size etc.


All classes that are taught at our locations are held in the central to greater north Austin area (Round Rock, Hutto, Pflugerville, Leander, etc). The exact address for your class location will be emailed to you when you RSVP. The reason for this is we have we have more than one location from which we teach that will vary according to class size. Additionally we sometimes teach out of our homes and we do not wish to post these addresses publicly. Thank you for your understanding. Also PLEASE NOTE: Class locations are subject to change due to group sizes, scheduling conflicts etc. All classes will held between central Austin and North Austin.




Minimum class size: We require at least 3 people minimum in attendance to take the class in order for us to hold the class that day. Teaching one-on-one does not make for a very exciting class, and the group experience is more enjoyable to the fellow students. If, for some reason, we do not have at least 3 people RSVP for a class, we will notify you and opt to reschedule for a later class.


The dates listed are the dates I am offering the course. If the date is not listed, I am not offering the course that day. I need breaks too! If you have at least 6 or more people ready to take a course together, I may be willing to open up a day not listed for yall to take the class. I work a regular job at a gun store Monday through Friday, so I am only available Saturday or Sunday for teaching CHL classes, though I will break it up over a few evenings if your class size is big enough.

 Texas Concealed Handgun Class Schedule


 To RSVP for a class, sign up


 . The omline store will reflect most the up to date info of which classes are sold out.

 Inviting us to teach at your location

 We may be willing to travel to your location to teach the class. Contact us for more information. We travel around North Austin the most, but may be open to other locations. Keep in mind the range we use is rather north, so South Austin makes for a long drive to the range, unless you have your own range.

 ‘Some years ago, Jeff Cooper wrote something like: “It is foolish to have gone to the trouble to qualify for concealed carry only to leave your gun at home.” Believe it!’