Healthy Pregnancy Secrets

Get Tips On Keeping Healthy and Fit During Your Pregnancy

Being pregnant is both and exciting and a bewildering place to be, especially if it is your first pregnancy. The expectant mother goes through a lot of physical, hormonal and emotional changes throughout the gestation period. The mother and child will go through 40 weeks of overwhelming changes.

There is no doubt that week-by-week, your pregnancy, baby and your own body are in transition and an owner’s manual might be just what you need. Today, more than ever, literature focusing on pregnancy and the developing baby is big business; you can purchase books at retail markets, various online booksellers or visit your local library. Most are filled with a lot of information about your pregnancy. You can buy books on baby whispering, baby development, baby humor, baby preparation, baby planning and baby journals. You can even buy baby books focusing on the first nine months of baby’s development and pre-delivery history to supplement the traditional baby book that chronicles the development and history of a baby generally for the ages of birth to 5 year olds.

 A Week-By-Week Pregnancy Guide will be an invaluable companion

 An exciting book to read while expecting baby’s arrival is a book that examines your pregnancy week-by-week, explaining exactly what changes are happening in Mom’s body, baby’s development and how to best prepare for upcoming weeks. There are a number of different titles and authors to choose from, spending a short time in a bookstore, library or an online research would provide enough details for you to pick the one that is right for you. These week-by-week pregnancy guides also contain information regarding how to best prepare for pregnancy prior to conception, what to specifically watch for each week and an overview for each trimester as a whole. There are also detailed drawings and/or pictures of baby’s development weekly; the internal growth rate of baby’s organs, physical and nutritional needs and average size of baby at each specific week. It provides guidance on exercise, diet, weight gain and how your various activities will affect your baby. Most of these types of books are full of information regarding special concerns you may have and illnesses to be aware of during your pregnancy as well as healthy precautions for preventative care.


Pregnancy Preparation and Knowledge Development of Mom and Baby


The week-by-week pregnancy book is a reference book that answers questions, educates parents-to-be and builds excitement for a most important arrival. This comprehensive book will provide suggestions, guidance and information about the wonderful journey of your pregnancy, week-by-week.


Pregnancy is the amazing process of one life growing within the body of another. Traditionally, we had the support of a close family network of moms and aunties who will provide us with all the advice we need to help us through our pregnancies. However today, this family structure and support is not so readily available, we need to get our knowledge from other sources. As an expectant mother-to-be, a week-by-week pregnancy guide allows you to learn, anticipate, understand and enjoy the process from the beginning to the end of this life enhancing experience.