Samsung 7 Series

 With the competition between the netbooks and tablets shaping up nicely, there are many companies that are trying to bridge the gap between them. This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES ) has seen a lot of mobile phone and laptop producers release their share of the tablets. The rumors of Gloria are finally true and it comes in the form Samsung’s Sliding PC 7 series. In the CES 2011 being held at Las Vegas, Samsung has officially announced Windows 7 running tablet that also comes with a sliding QWERTY keyboard. The display of this tablet/laptop is a multi touch display with a resolution of 1366 x 768.


Samsung Sliding PC


Why is that there has to be an Android OS running behind a tablet? For a change, Samsung has decided that its new laptop will sport Windows 7. Even the processor has been changed and Intel’s Atom will be used. The new Atom Oak Trail will be used for the Sliding PC 7 series. The specifications of this PC are

 Intel Atom Oak Trail Processor that has a speed of 1.66GHz


 1.3 MP Camera

 32GB/64GB Solid State Hard disk

 Windows 7 Home Premium

 HDMI Port

 4 in 1 Card Reader

 USB 2.0 Port

 Six cell Li Polymer battery

 3G Support



 Though the product was officially confirmed, Samsung kept it behind the velvet rope. Yet, there was a single prototype that managed to give out a few details. The multi touch screen is able to recognize at least ten touch points at a time. With the touch screens becoming a very common thing in the present day, there have to be supportive apps. For this touch screen interface, Samsung has managed to come up with a own version called as Touch Launcher. There are lot of applications for this Touch Launcher that are specialized for the touch screen interface. There will be more apps that can be found on Samsung App Manager and also Windows Product Scout. One amazing feature that will make it a true netbook is that it will be booting in 20 secs. Also there will be a special ambient sensor that will help the laptop change its brightness according to the surrounding lights. It also comes with support for WiMax.

 The laptop is priced at $699 and we are sure expecting a bang from Samsung for the money we are paying.