System diversified

“South Park: Truth stick ” to Europe as a template adaptation of the animated satirical spoof of the game , respect for the original on the screen , animation, and various supporting roles data Eare the four main characters in different capacities landing the game , be a real role to play .

Game style is simple and exaggerated, no brilliant 3D effects, the game uses real-time calculations. Like blood , like paper scattered on the ground , although the picture is not bloody and violent , but it is filled with adventure thinking, implied irony, swearing talk vulgar text , not suitable for mentally immature players . Game full voice , audio will also be a perfect copy animation effects , and accompanied by exaggerated tone , really a people laughing comedy . This painting scene decided that this is a low- equipped players can also enjoy RPG.

Game story

“South Park ” through ” no obligation verbal violence ” and whimsical story sensational plot point out problems, ridiculed the power elite, if you are a fan of Rise of Kingdoms Guide, this game is for you. . The thirteenth Season , Episode heavenly leaders have even played, although only a few seconds. In the ” rod of truth “, the player’s play is moved to a new town of South Park kids can be custom-designed by the players . Unexpectedly, arrived in town on the first day of the town’s involvement in the South Park kids Civil War – World War commanded by Stan and Kyle and Cartman Elf army led among humans. When opening the game , players will see Butters and a gray-haired elf kid dispute, then they will hold together , the player can choose to help any one person to join their camp. By this time, the outbreak of the campus are only part of the child’s full-scale war to defeat the hostile forces to help one’s own to become the winner of this war, the South Park character will be involved in war

Game system

Ordinary RPG adventure game system as possible in the room, around the town to explore , although not a sandbox game , but the game contains a large number of side quests , companion mission, as well as to reach new areas through the puzzle, making the game itself does not seem very boring. Equipment, the equipment can be replaced only protagonist , five have property and equipment, can increase the player’s attack power, defense power and magic of mass destruction, etc. ; two consumables bar, and four clothing bar in addition to DIY players create personalized characters outside , there will be different passive skills. No online , no multiplayer split-screen mode. Another Rune embedded systems , the majority of the role of runes is offensive or defensive Perfect cause some additional damage, rather than directly to the special effects added to the equipment.

RPG come into contact with this place is not the same as Yudi and exploration models coexist , strolling players in South Park , it is the implementation of free action games can be like a knife , archery , farting and other actions , of course , did not jump setting. Yudi not step on mine type , but need to hit the other player or enemy attack moments before the players into battle mode , walk elegant point can avoid all unnecessary fighting , as it may not be too beat and cicadas . Combat is turn mode, players command can be divided into “attack class ” and ” helper classes ” in two parts , but not everyone can only act once per round , no AT values and physical values and other Japanese RPG setting. For example, the protagonist can drink Potion in this round, and can no longer use any props, but his offensive options – remote attack , magic attack , attack skills , as well as regular attacks icons are lit . Called ” helper classes ” because there will be some professional BUFF skills class , not in the direct attack skills displayed .

As for the battle round , somewhat similar to the ” Super Mario RPG”, timed attack , timed defense. Players will see the light when the offensive weapons , namely the decision point , in light of the attack when pressing the corresponding key – Combo or Heavy, Combo batter can be superimposed times, additional attack effects ; while the higher Heavy damage, Sunder significant. In addition to equipment , the more important is the use of a combination of good skills dealing with opponents, drugs also indispensable key props. Interestingly, the new child will have the option at the time on the toilet near the toilet , and if the player button fast enough , he can comfortably complete a stool , and put a large portable to carry around as a hidden weapon to use ; late in the game new kids can build more fart to release the magic of mass destruction . Obviously, the Japanese small fresh / child heart / re-port is different, this game is set is very vulgar , this is not a derogatory word, and as such instead of ” South Park” movie to restore the original appearance.

Including companions included, each character has four skills, each skill can rise to a maximum four , to unlock special effects or simply to improve lethality.

There is also a very interesting game setting . Failing to decide up a dragon , nothing boring hair microblogging. In South Park , the first page of the players is their FACEBOOK, if the player completed his request , it will become friends with the players . Their favorite thing to do is to send state , mutual praise and tucao point . And their activity on behalf of a strong degree of your snobbish . Although players can not point like , but you can change their mood through role preferences, fans understand.