The CHL Course

Concealed Handgun Licenses

Guaranteed to pass the class or your money back!

Classes are held in a 50 minutes teaching, 10 minute break per hour format. This means you will be offered a break every hour. But with teaching this exciting, who would want a break!?

Class Prices can be found HERE

It is a 10 hour long course, mandated by the state of Texas. Don’t let the length of the course put you off- the most common thing we hear (in a positive manner) is “That didn’t feel like 10 hours”. We have done our best to design this course to be entertaining and as exciting as possible so that it does not drag out. Are you willing to sacrifice one day of your time for the ability to carry a gun to protect yourself and your family?


The course consists of learning the laws, gun safety, discussion, taking a written test, and shooting at the range. We will have a lunch break during the day which, depending on the length of lunch, will vary when the course finishes. We also go to the range mid-day to help keep the class entertaining. Our range is located 10 miles from Seward Junction (Highway 29 & 183 intersection). It is an outdoor range so come prepared for the elements. We shoot rain or shine, but not in lightning or very harsh weather. For harsh weather, the shooting will have to be rescheduled.


See the SCHEDULE for dates and times for the course.


Many people, even novice shooters, pass the shooting portion of the test with no problems or prior practice. We have people regularly show up who have never shot a gun in their lives, and they pass, and they often do quite decently. Listen to our instruction, and you will do well. Please bring additional ammunition (at least 100 rounds total) if you have never used a pistol before, or if you fear you may not pass. We have ammo here for purchase most of the time. You can prepare ahead of time by learning to use a firearm or going to the gun range with an experienced person. Also, a larger easier to handle firearm will enhance your ability to shoot. We find the Springfield XD line of guns is an excellent choice for many shooters. 9mm is the recommended caliber of handgun for beginner shooters.


The Renewal Class


Texas law requires the renewal class to be a minimum of 4 hours long. We may on occasion offer a renewal class by itself. However, we usually just offer the full course at a reduced rate. We believe knowledge is power, and there have been many changes in the laws in the last 4 years which are too many to fit into a 4 hour course. If you would like to enjoy a fun day and ensure you are up to date, come see us. If you just want to be herded through a course like cattle, you should seek a different instructor.


What the class fee includes:

 2 Passport photos for your ID

 Concealed Handgun License course

 Written test & shooting test

 What the class fee does NOT include:

 Fingerprinting ($10 from electronic fingerprinting facility)

 Gun range fee ($13 CASH)

 Texas State Fee (varies per person)

 Ammo (you may purchase from us when available).

 Please note: Fingerprinting is REQUIRED by new laws to be taken electronically. They can not be taken by ink prints any longer and we are not allowed to offer this service, by DPS rules.

 Gun Rentals:

 Texas Self Defense offers gun rentals. You are not required to use our guns, you may bring your own gun & ammo.

 If you desire to use our guns, you must purchase ammo from us also. $30 is the cost for the gun rental with one box of ammo. Additional boxes of ammo can be purchased to use for the class for $20 per 50 round box.

 9mm is the most common gun rental we will have, but we may be willing to rent out other guns on special requests according to availability. There may be a higher rental cost depending on ammo cost.


 Classes have been held in everything from coffee shops to living rooms. We do not mind doing this. Our only request is that there be at least 3 students present for the class if it is locally; if you are more than 30 minutes away, then at least 5 or more students depending on the distance. Please contact us if you are interested in doing this.

 Our presentation is laptop-based (usually attached to a big screen television), and we can connect our laptop to any bigger screen television that has RCA jacks. We may also be able to accommodate HDMI, but RCA is preferred.

 New(er) to shooting?

 Texas Self Defense is willing to work with people who are new to handling firearms. We get a lot of men & women who have not had much experience with firearms. We teach you about gun safety and the basics of shooting & being safe with a gun. We can show you how to load your gun with bullets, aim it, shoot it, and all of the basic operations for it. We have many people who show up with guns they have never shot before- we are willing to work with you. The only thing we ask is that you pay attention and be safe with your gun. We will teach you the rules of safety.