Tournament of the Gods

Synopsis :

Year after year, the Tournament of the Gods is held and fighters from all over the world pit their strength against each other. Each fighter is required to have a beautiful female partner. After the battle, the loser’s partner is awarded to to the winner… and the winner can do whatever he wants with her. Great wealth and honor await the champion, and so a lot of people keep joining despite the perilous regulations. A young man named Sid reluctantly joins the competition in order to win the hand of his beloved Azuki. It was promised that if Sid wins, he and Azuki can be married. But if he loses, Azuki will have to be engaged to another. But there is more to the tournament than meets the eye, and Sid is about to learn that the hard way…

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Surfing around, I found that Tournament of the Gods had been getting lukewarm reviews from various sites. Nevertheless, my curiosity was piqued and I made a mental note to include this title in my viewing list. Sid is a young man forced to join the tournament for the sake of his childhood sweetheart Azuki. He is a perfect gentleman though, and he never takes advantage of the losers’ partners. Aside from the main plot, interesting subplots also develop. In the first episode, Sid encounters a Kara. A Kara is an elf-like creature with a mystical gem on its forehead. Interestingly enough, the Kara that Sid stumbles upon reminded me of Lodoss’ Deedlit. In the second episode, Sid crosses paths with an assasin who offers him a proposition. After Sid hurdles through various obstacles, and just when you think that it’s all over, an unexpected twist is thrown in your face… and it would seem as if you’re back to square one. I actually liked Tournament of the Gods. The story branches out nicely, and the tournament itself is presented very well. There’s even a training dungeon where fighters can level up, and Sid gains a few fancy moves before the big bout. The art and animation are above average, but I noticed that they just recycle the same cels for the intro sequence of the matches. Some of the backgrounds also look like they were skimped on. Sex-wise, they show everything but majority of the scenes feature boobs, butts, and a variety of sexual positions that skillfully conceal the male organ. The way the female characters’ breasts would jerk up and down is strangely funny, and the pumping scenes accelerate to a ridiculous tempo whenever a couple is trying to climax. What I don’t like about Tournament of the Gods is its generally horrendous treatment of women. It is overall a recommendable title though, especially if you like an actual story and some fighting action to accompany your hentai viewing.