Week 28

Week 28 is the “age of viability” when a baby is likely to survive in the event of premature labor. They even save babies born at 21 weeks nowadays I hear. It would certainly mean neonatal intensive care for awhile. I admit to looking forward to this date – it’s comforting to know she could be ok without me.


I’ve reached that stage where it’s hard to eat or breathe a lot. The top of my uterus, or “fundal height” is well above my belly button now and feels as if it’s taking over my entire abdominal cavity. Every doctor visit he checks this height by mashing on my belly. The city I live in is at an altitude of 6,700 feet so there isn’t much air up here to begin with. Hence, every morning on our walk through the parking lot to work my husband and I laugh at my gasping as he shouts, “Come on preggie!” from ten paces ahead of me. Don’t get all excited like I did and think this lack of stomach space will cause you to eat any less and stop gaining weight. Oh no sister, you just eat small amounts more often and now hunger never EVER seems to subside. Your arms and butt will not be denied thier massive destiny no matter what obstacle! A wonderful thing I do each night after work is get on all fours and take in a nice deep breath. An activity I never thought I would miss. Gravity pulls the baby off all your organs and your belly feels almost normal again. Aaaah. What’s scary is that I’ ve got 12 more weeks to go and if I’m uncomfortable packing 3 pounds of baby, just imagine when she’s 8 pounds. Oh dear. On second thought I won’t imagine that.


In other news on the symptom front, my navel is starting to look weird. It isn’t sticking out yet, but it’s stretched totally flat with the rest of my belly – no longer concave. My jublies are continuing to grow, and their areolas seem darker and larger. Fine by me because everything about my boobs looked smallish before. I wonder if they will go back to their old size and color after breastfeeding. I have also developed a delightful rash on both arms. Since it didn’t hurt or itch I didn’t ask the doctor about it, but I will if it’s still here next month. Puffy fingers and feet, constipation, insomnia, waddle-walk, minor backache, discharge, peeing myself when I sneeze. Let us all take a moment to bask in the glamour of being the vessel of life.


A woman I used to work with planted a tree outside the chapel at which she was married in a quaint little town called Roundtop. Every year on their anniversary they tend to the tree. How romantic and sweet! I stole the idea and decided that I would plant a young tree in the back yard the year my babies are born. At first I wanted a Crabapple or Dogwood tree because of the beautiful blossoms, and then I remembered my pregnancy cravings. Since they have to be cross-pollinated to bear fruit, we had to buy two; a Winesap and a Yellow Delicious. Gala apple trees were nowhere to be found so this will have to do. It’s a sweet bit of nostalgia knowing that no matter where we move this tree will really always belong to Julia. I fantasize about baking apple pies someday and remembering a time when both the tree and Julia were just budding out.


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