How can I start Traveling the world?

Hi, my name is Jukka, and I am a student from the UK.

I and two of my friends are planning to travel around the world in September 2021 for one year.

This blog is to give all you out there with similar dreams an insight into how we managed to make our dream come true, and hopefully, it will inspire you enough to follow your own path…

After I and my two close friends finished school last year (2020) we decided that this summer would be spent finding part-time jobs or internships that paid well enough for us to save up some money before we left.

We all managed to get holiday jobs at supermarkets which allowed us each to save around £800-1000 over the 3 month period.

This gave us the push we needed to make plans for our big adventure, and after long nights of research on the internet (travel blogs, trip advisor, etc.) we had the route planned out.

The plan was to fly into London Heathrow airport on September 1st, 2021, travel south through India spending 2 weeks there before flying over to Sydney/Melbourne in Australia.

After 18 months of traveling around Australia, New Zealand, Wineglass Bay tours, and Asia we would then return to Europe (London) arriving around July 2021.

We all saved up enough money during summer 2020 that no matter how much it cost us to travel this route, we’d always have enough left over for hostels along the way, etc.

So off we went… literally…

Our rucksacks are currently being held in storage at the airport…

We didn’t want to risk getting them lost so decided to put our stuff in storage until it was time for us to leave!

It’s only a few weeks away now, so very soon we’ll be able to see all our planning come to fruition.

Wish us luck!

Once we’ve finished traveling then I will write another blog entry.

The plan is that after 2/3 years of traveling (depending on how much money we have left) and one of my friends will get jobs back at home while my other friend works abroad, before finally rejoining each other again somewhere around halfway between where he lives and where I live (in London).

So there you go, there is a plan for the future at least!

If you have any questions about our route etc.

Then please let us know in the comments section and we’ll do our best to answer them

After a 10 hour flight to Singapore, we arrived at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

It was here that our adventure truly began, and the way I look at it now – where all of our planning turned into experience.

As many others have found out before me, time is your worst enemy on these long journeys, and our lack of planning had definitely taken its toll on us by KL.

We all felt that we were going around in circles trying to find the right bus, or ticket that would get us where we wanted to go next.

This brought on a lot of anxiety as every minute wasted meant one less minute of travel time… needless to say I am not anxious about flying anymore!

For us, there happened to be a lot of travel time involved in our planned route.

We had to bus, train, and fly our way through country after country it seemed like an eternity…

I think I’d rather drive the whole route next time;)

Although there is something quite exhilarating about getting on a new business class flight into India for the first time – on your own!

Our trip had covered around 10 countries at this point (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, etc.) but none of us knew what to expect once we arrived in India.

This was until our long journey by bus from Jaipur to Udaipur when we got introduced to the culture, cuisine, and people of India…

Our hearts were changed forever upon visiting this beautiful land…